The platform started its presale with a price of $0.0002 per token and is now in its third presale phase at $0.0006. The token follows Bitcoin’s framework by capping the total supply at 21 million – out of this, 6.125 million tokens are set aside for initial circulation. The first phase of the presale has commenced with 4 million tokens, with an additional 2.125 million reserved for the next phase to cater to a potential high demand. That looks likely to be needed, given the earl success, with any unsold tokens added to the staking pool.

best platform for ico crypto

In the realm of digital finance, where innovation knows no bounds, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stands tall as a gateway to funding groundbreaking projects and revolutionizing industries. In this ever-evolving landscape, understanding the intricate process of ICOs is paramount for both entrepreneurs seeking capital and investors eyeing transformative opportunities. Make sure you check an ICO’s roadmap, and the ICO calendar, and always keep an eye on your ICO watch list for any changes.

CryptoCitizen (CCASH) – Top Initial Coin Offering in the Blockchain Gaming Sector

Even the most well executed projects might encounter difficulties, so be sure to adjust your investment allocation for volatility. The structuring of the $WSM token distribution, with a cap of 2 billion tokens, is community-centric. Half of these tokens are earmarked for the presale, while the remaining is equally split between rewards for the community and providing liquidity for exchanges. 20 million tokens will be distributed as staking rewards and another 10 million as player rewards and bonuses.

best platform for ico crypto

It incentivizes user engagement, boosting the creation of more valuable content. This can cause problems, especially when you want to move your digital assets from one blockchain to another. On the Ethereum blockchain, $DLANCE allows users to purchase NFTs, rent office spaces in the metaverse, and much more. DeeLance also develops a unique metaverse concept with a best platform for ico crypto lobby arena, offices, and collaborative spaces. DeeLance, aiming to stand out among the best crypto ICO projects, has initiated a presale for its $DLANCE token to revolutionize the Web 3.0 recruitment and freelance space. Moreover, yPredict’s whitepaper suggests passive income generation by staking $YPRED tokens, with a 10% distribution for all new subscriptions.


Unlocking financial freedom across the world, Social-Service is a groundbreaking crypto project set to revolutionise how we use P2P services and blockchain technology. With its meteoric rise as one of 2022’s premier projects, Metacade has earned itself a spot at number 1 on our list for most exciting cryptocurrency tokens right now. Early-stage projects tend to sell their tokens at a relatively low token price, allowing the investors to obtain the token at a fairly good deal. With a successful presale already underway, Chimpzee aims to secure listings on reputable exchanges and introduce technical advancements such as the Chimpzee shop, NFT marketplace, and staking engine. It has a supply of 100 million, and 80% of it is being given away as an ICO. The token is currently available at a discount price of $0.0035 LPX, and the presale has raised close to $160k at press time.

In simple terms, a crypto ICO is an event where an entity sells a new digital token to raise money. It offers investors an opportunity to buy into a new crypto project in its early stages. In this post, we shared the most promising ICOs and provided information on why we think these tokens have high-profit potential. Further, we explained what initial coin offering means and how it works.

What is ICO Hard Cap?

This will enable traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and NFTs without a third party. As per the Wall Street Memes whitepaper, $WSM has a total supply of 2 billion, and 30% of tokens are dedicated solely to community rewards. Half the total supply is allotted to marketing, while the remaining is split between community rewards and liquidity provision. Wall Street Memes has also planned an airdrop, offering token holders a chance to win $50k by actively following the project on social media channels and completing simple tasks.

best platform for ico crypto

Securitize is an exceptional platform for Security Token Offerings (STOs), offering a comprehensive solution for individuals and companies seeking to create security tokens. The platform provides a highly flexible and efficient backend that assists users throughout the securities issuance process. However, it’s also essential to bear in mind that crypto ICOs are generally unregulated, meaning they are not supervised or policed by leading institutions. With this cryptocurrency, token holders can purchase NFT avatars, battle against other players, and earn rewards on a play-to-earn ecosystem known as the Pikaverse. ScapesMania ($MANIA) is a gaming ecosystem that will incorporate in-game quests and focus on offering a massive casual gaming opportunity to bring in Web2 users to the Web3 space. At the same time, ScapesMania will decentralize its ecosystem and allow token holders to join the platform DAO.

TG.Casino – Telegram Casino Offering More Than a 3,300% APY Through its Crypto Token, Over $150K Raised on Presale

It’s essential to keep in mind that while automated tools provide convenience and effectiveness, they are not infallible. The cryptocurrency market can undergo swift transformations, and depending solely on automation without human supervision carries inherent risks. Traders must maintain a routine check on their automated systems, make adjustments as circumstances demand, and stay informed about the ever-shifting market dynamics. In the realm of cryptocurrency day trading, the importance of equipping yourself with the appropriate tools and strategies cannot be overstated. Let’s delve into a selection of potent trading tools and strategies that can serve as your compass in maneuvering the dynamic crypto landscape of 2023.

best platform for ico crypto

CoinList is arguably one of the most popular token launchpads today and also serves as a trading platform with a host of unique functions. The CoinList platform is tagged as one of the best ICO listing sites because it offers token presale under strict regulatory adherence. While yPredict could be one of the best new cryptocurrencies to buy, ICO investors should first consider the risks.

DeeLance: A Decentralized Freelancing Platform Redefining Workflows with NFT and Metaverse, Presale Raises $1.3M

While some ICO cryptos hold the potential to become lucrative investments, others may witness initial surges followed by significant sell-offs, leaving token holders with devalued assets. The outcome often depends on specific factors such as the project’s unique characteristics, target market, future potential, and more. Since you are joining at an early stage, you will be able to buy digital tokens at a discounted price.

  • ALLBI holds a better recent technical analysis than 1% of tokens at its current price.
  • It is a useful resource for those interested in investing in new digital currencies and blockchain projects.
  • The presale has already captured much attention, raising over $2.2 million in investment.
  • NEO is another example of a hugely successful ICO, even though the token is currently 95% down from its all-time high price of $175.
  • To find out more about this cryptocurrency, read the Meme Kombat whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

Imagine you have invested in cryptocurrencies and want to ensure their safety against cyber threats. Some traders may argue that using automated tools takes away the art of day trading and relies too heavily on technology. They believe that successful trading requires human intuition and decision-making skills that algorithms cannot replicate. Just as with any tool or strategy, it remains crucial to grasp its inherent constraints and apply it prudently, complementing it with your own expertise and analysis. Crypto markets are highly influenced by news events, regulatory developments, and even social media sentiment.

#11. Tectum – Layer 2 Solution for Bitcoin With Over 1 Million Transactions per Second

Popular Discord groups for ICO investment include Jacob Crypto Bury (best overall), Crypto Hub (good for beginners), and Satoshi’s Insights (great for analytical insights). Large communities are built on these messaging platforms with regular updates, promotions, and announcements. This is especially true for ICOs and new projects that are just getting started. One of the most important things to do when considering an ICO investment is to review the project’s whitepaper and roadmap. These elements help inform whether the project will have longevity or not, which is a crucial factor in an ICO’s success. It’s also wise to ensure the whitepaper is grammatically correct and has no obvious spelling errors, which tend to be a hallmark of a hastily formulated project.