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High Technology Passenger Elevator

Smooth start, Quick and quiet Moving. Nice noise control brings passenger peaceful riding experience. The start, acceleration, brake curves are designed according to the ergonomic theory in order to get the finest coziness. It is a genuine current vector control variable frequency drive system. The permanent magnetic synchronous drive saves up to 48% in energy consumption. The advanced artificial intelligent and traffic flow database technology increases greatly the traffic efficiency thus minimizes the waiting time.

High Precision Positioning Control System

Car displacement tracking technology ensures the leveling safety. Car-displacement-detection technology with high accuracy makes almost perfect leveling between the car and the landing level.

Top Advanced Door Operator System

What is more, the self-learning door load detector increases the sensitivity of the elevator door switching on/off. It monitors the variation of elevator door load on every floor. Automatically rectifying the most appropriate open / shut speed in every floor so as to guarantee the security and reliability.

Safe & Reliable

Reasonable machine room arrangement keeps sufficient maintenance space. Parts after reliability test ensure elevator run continuously stably is your best choice for the hotels, restaurants, office buildings, commercial and residential buildings, recreation centers, shopping centers etc.

Product Description

1. Material: Painted, Hairline stainless steel, mirror, etched, Titanium gold, rose gold, golden recess, glass.

2. Capacity: 450KG ,630kg ,800kg ,1000kg, 1250kg, 1350kg, 1600kg, 1800kg, 2000kg.

3. Speed: 1.0m/s, 1.5m/s, 1.75m/s, 2.0m/s, 2.5m/s, 3.0m/s, 4.0m/s, 6.0m/s.

4. Machine Room: Machine Room (MR) or Machine Roomless (MRL)

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