Puerto Ricans, like all kinds of other ethnic organizations, are often the target of stereotypes. These stereotypes are perpetuated by the press and often have got a negative impact on the individual. Stereotypes that are linked to Puerto Ricans include the ones from being lazy, criminals and also other negative issues. Puerto Ricans are a diverse group of people, with a selection of different backgrounds and cultures. They are also a really proud and independent persons that happen to be known for their amazing music and dances. They are one blend of The spanish language traditions and dynamic criollo culture which makes them a fascinating people to find out more on.

One of the most prevalent ideas about Muelle Ricans are that they will be immigrants and don’t belong to the United States, when ever in reality Puerto Rico is certainly https://siderdating.com/dating-puerto-rican/ a commonwealth states and its citizens are American citizens. It is also assumed that all Paso Ricans speak only The spanish language, when the truth is most of them happen to be bilingual and can speak English as well as their native dialect. Another false impression is that Puerto Ricans are involved in illegal https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/feb/21/whats-behind-the-rise-of-interracial-marriage-in-the-us drug trafficking and other hazardous activities, which is wrong.

A further myth is that Puerto Ricans don’t contribute everything to the United States. This really is completely false as they include a higher rate of military company than any other group in the country and still have produced a large number of generals and admirals over the years. They also have an excellent education system that is regularly improving and the economy is growing.

Lastly, some people believe that Puerto Ricans are chaotic and gang-related, the moment in reality this is not the case. Most of Puerto Ricans are laws abiding residents and the criminals that are being depicted in the media can be a tiny percentage from the population.


A lot of Puerto Ricans are able to browse these stereotypes because they are aware of their own heritage and the problems which come along with it. They are simply not frightened to remain true for themselves and are able to recognize the negative aspects of their historical that need to end up being changed.

Puerto Ricans are a diverse and exciting group that should be seen pertaining to the amazing persons they are, rather than what undesirable aspects of their particular heritage are staying represented by simply others. They need to always be recognized for his or her contributions for the United States and continue to shoot for a better long term.

Isar Godreau is an anthropologist with homework interests in race, racial identity and racism in Puerto Potentado and Latin America. She retains a Ph level. D in anthropology and is currently the Director of Interdisciplinary Homework at UPR Cayey. Hilda Llorens is a cultural scientist with interests in the research of the Caribbean, Latina/o the female experiences and youth/urban well-known culture. Her current projects are focused on the representation of Blackness and racial characteristics in Muelle Rican TELEVISION. She is the writer/producer of documentary motion pictures. Her function focuses on social issues that have an effect on communities and the importance of ordinaire action in promoting change.