Quick-Thinking Father Knocks Out Kidnapper Wanting To Daughter

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Quick-Thinking Father Knocks Out Kidnapper Wanting To Take 3-Year-Old Daughter From Park

A quick-thinking dad protected his 3-year-old daughter from becoming kidnapped by knocking the suspect out before the guy could take the little lady from a regional park. Freddie Cantrell along with his family members reside just next door from local Park in Auburn, Ca and frequently requires his two daughters here to relax and play. The children were there one Saturday and their mom and stepfather one Saturday mid-day when men attempted to just take 3-year-old Aubrey. As soon as their ex known as him, the guy discovered the road and sprung into action.

  1. Their own 6-year-old girl saw the whole thing.

    Cantrell recalled the minute girls’ mama known as him anxiously and begged him to reach the playground quickly. “i obtained a phone call from mom saying, ‘Hey you have to have down here fast. Someone tried to kidnap Aubrey,” the guy informed
    CBS 13 Sacramento
    . His girl Natalie watched everything occur and informed the retailer: “The guy walked up-and began hauling Aubrey and running together and missing with her.”

  2. All three parents attempted to corner the man.

    While Aubrey’s mom and stepdad ran at the suspect from one area of the playground, Cantrell came at him through the other end and were able to meet up with him, nevertheless man wasn’t going down without a fight. “He tried to swing at me with handcuffs wrapped around their hands and attempt to make use of them as steel knuckles, and that’s whenever I merely got action and then try to knock him completely,” Cantrell recalled.

  3. Fortunately, Cantrell hushed the man and authorities resulted in right after.

    Placer County deputies arrived on the scene shortly after Cantrell made the citizens arrest and got the suspect, a 26-year-old man called Yonel Hernandez-Velasco, into guardianship and energized him with attempted kidnapping and arrest with a dangerous tool.

  4. The event was a harsh note for community moms and dads at how risky the playground are.

    “The truth is the terrible things about news and expect it’s not going to accidentally the kids, and that means you got to simply keep an eye out I guess,” said neighborhood mother April McGuinness. The woman 11-year-old boy added: “it’s a good idea than myself being forced to get kidnapped because i-come here by yourself.”

  5. Cantrell does not imagine he’s a hero for going in. In the end, he is merely carrying out exactly what any daddy should do to safeguard his kiddies.

    “They’re stating ‘Oh you’re a character for keeping that young girl,’ Really that young girl is actually my girl, and I also’m simply doing the fatherly thing,” the guy insisted.

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